Mummy Life

Is it naptime yet?

I woke up before the kids  and decided to get things going before they woke up. You see, I noticed some months ago that whenever the kids and I woke up at the same time, my day seemed to be chaotic. This almost led me down the sad road of Post Natal Depression (I hope to write a post on that). With that in mind, I wake up before the kids so I can have a proper morning routine. This is what it looks like for me:

-A quick Bible study in bed to get some encouragement and motivation for the day

-Wash my face, cleanse it and put some moisturiser on

-I go downstairs to clear up whatever I did not clear the night before

-I fix breakfast, set the high tables

If I get through doing all of this and my munchkins are still not awake, I feel like super woman!

But here’s what I noticed yesterday: By the time we were making things with play dough, having done ABCs, read a book, played a Peppa Pig game, Practiced writing, done 123s… I pulled out my phone, checked the time and it was only 9:35am! I was secretly hoping that it would be 11:30 so I could serve lunch and put them down for nap at 12. Here’s what is wrong with that: I was constantly eager for bedtimes. I looked forward to the two days of nursery. I forgot to enjoy the times and days when I had my babies with me.

Like with everything else, I won’t look forward to later anymore, I will enjoy every moment with the little ones (No promises just yet, but I’ll try. so far, It’s working today!)